our existence has serious side effects

dogs dogs dogs

i want all the puppies in the world. all of them. my biological clock should be ticking away for me to have babies since i’m 22, but no, i just want puppies. 

mara and i found an ad to adopt a 5 year old french bulldog named otis this weekend and discussed getting a dog at-length. there were plenty of positives and negatives on both sides of the argument. the biggest issue for me was that i want to travel overseas sometime next year, for at least a month and after boarding my siberian huskies that i had when i was a kid and my dog morgan, a bouvier des flandres, all of whom HATED boarding and refused to eat (not to mention the price tag), i refuse to board a dog. so our plan b was to have the dog stay at mara’s house in new york for that time. however, we found out that french bulldogs, as cute as they are are increasingly being banned from airplanes because they can’t breathe and regulate their body temp well enough. so as cute as otis was…we need a dog that isn’t going to be that restricted. 

not sure what will come our way next. we only want to adopt, as my dad and i had to deal with some crazy dog breeders when we bought morgan in canada. and it’s also ridiculously expensive. ultimately, we need to find a dog that can live in an apartment, which after my experience with a bouvier des flandres, doesn’t mean only small dogs. big dogs with relatively low energy can do just as well. and i really don’t like most small dogs. we also need a dog that can do well with a cat - something that can put kingsley in her place but not eat her (or be eaten by her). preferably a dog that she could befriend (if it’s possible for kingsley to have any friends). we are also open to getting a dog that isn’t a puppy-puppy, as we don’t really have the time to give it the training that it deserves. so we’re thinking 2-3 years old might be a good start. 

does anyone out there have some suggestions of breeds that might meet our preferences?