our existence has serious side effects


day ten: today i played suzy homemaker.  i decorated, made myself a peach and strawberry smoothie, i organized the whole kitchen, and had dinner and dessert ready for my baby when she came home.  it was nice for a day, but damn, i would go crazy doin this shit day after day.  yesterday sarah and i went to the sunday market in fremont and had a lot of fun. i found this cool old soda box, hung it on the wall, and filled it with lots of trinkets.  i have to find a few things for the two remaining compartments, but this will come in time.  i’m pretty proud of it.  also, sarah’s mom found us this little chalkboard/letter-holder and i wrote sarah a little love note and left it for her to find.  it’s all just super cute and the move is definitely making us a stronger couple.  also i found another part time job and a really chill gay bar/pub and i start tomorrow.  i’m excited because i think i’ll like it a lot more than the other stupid job that was full of pretentious motherfuckers (not that i’m bitter about it). anyway, today’s bottom line reads as follows: each step is important, no matter how small or how insignificant it feels. creating a life takes some time. 

cute apartment things. also i <3 mara. also we have the best grownup apartment and i love it. 

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