our existence has serious side effects

for everyone that wanted to know why i wanted antlers

this is what i’m doing with them. only for not $128. 

this is probably the most random question i’ve ever asked on tumblr, but does anyone know where a good spot to collect branches (specifically pine boughs) in seattle would be?

people keep asking for non-instagram pictures of mara and i’s new apartment in seattle, so i spent some time tonight doing my best to document everything. this isn’t quite everything and obviously the bedroom isn’t here because it’s a total mess. 

most of the knick-knack decorative things were found by my mom at goodwill in portland.  almost everything is either from goodwill or garage sales. the leather chair came from my house in portland. the coffee tables were made for us by a family friend. the quilt on the couch is from anthropologie. 

things i’m currently loving: my room.