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trip advice

planning a trip this summer for Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia or possibly Paris. If you’ve been any of those places I would love to pick your brain for info on where to go/stay etc.

i’ve been to japan, singapore and malaysia already  and i can’t wait to explore more parts of asia. i’m taking this trip with my dad and possibly aunt (who has been to thailand, vietnam and cambodia but never paris) so hostels probably won’t be happening. right now i’m leaning towards asia because you can get more bang for your buck. would also love to go to paris but unless my fam is really pro-paris i might put off going till i can do it on the cheap (or try to) and go to some other places in europe on the same trip. 


travel update

mara has been convinced to go traveling with me next year, so we’re getting really excited! right now we think the plan will be to go for a month and a half - two months because that seems like a pretty solid amount of time. turns out she has a lot of family members in ireland, england and an aunt in belgium who i’ve actually met so that opens up a lot of possibility for staying in certain places for a lower cost. we’re thinking about starting in ireland or scotland, as i’ve said before, and then traveling about and then meeting mara’s mom in australia for the last couple weeks, if that proves feasible. our updated list of countries we want to visit:



possibly england (depends on time and the olympics situation)




the netherlands

posssssibly sweden


anyone have any country suggestions? city/town suggestions?

things i need to know: how friendly is ireland to the gays?

thinking about at least starting a trip to europe there this summer, depending on airfare. i’m not really that concerned because i’ve travelled in much more conservative countries (singapore and malaysia especially) but mara and i would be going together to it’s sort of a good thing to know. 


dear followers

sometime between graduation in may and moving to seattle in september i really would love to go traveling around europe. i have a passport, i have money, i just need to convince mara get on board and figure out some details. where do i go? where should i start and end? how long should i go? do I have to buy a return flight ticket right away or can i leave it until i know where/when i’ll be departing from? 

i need your help?