our existence has serious side effects

cap. hill apartment up for grabs

if anyone in seattle is looking for a super nice 1 bedroom with gas fireplace, gas stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, claw foot tub and a washer and dryer in the unit, let me know! our leasing agent is going to start showing our apartment on saturday but she hasn’t put it on the market yet so i figured i’d give any interested folk a heads up. the apartment is in an old building in capitol hill that was completely gutted and renovated a few years ago so it’s got all modern things with an old apartment look/feel. the only reason we are leaving is to move to a bigger apartment in the building because we love the building/location so much. 

management was asking $1,125/month for rent when we signed our lease last july. might be slightly different, but fairly close to that original price. 

now that i actually have my own apartment, i want to go to the brimfield antique show again this year and actually be able to buy things. but alas, i don’t live 45 minutes away from it anymore. i’m hoping i can somehow convince my mom to go with me again and go to nyc for a few days as well. i keep seeing all these amazing things on design sponge that people have found at brimfield and i feel like i was too cheap last year and should have just bought everything and had it shipped. ugh.