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hey tumblr folks - more items have been added to the parker & west shop on etsy. please take a sec to check out the items for sale in my shop, or even like the page. i started the etsy shop about a month ago, and since it’s new, all the traffic it gets really helps us out with visibility on etsy. and if you would like to buy something, even better! we have competitive prices on our vintage items and shipping is the cheapest available option to save you money (so you don’t spend $20 in shipping on a $10 item). 

for those of you who want a little more info on what i’ve been up to:

i started parker & west with my mom this past august when i moved back to portland from seattle. i spent the past year realizing my passion for vintage items and interior decorating. my mom has been an antiques dealer for over twenty years, so we teamed up  and we now sell our vintage decorative items at a space in portland, at the three annual antiques expos in portland and to folks everywhere on etsy. i’m really really excited to finally be doing something that i love and can’t wait to see what happens with parker & west in the future as we get more visibility.