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today in portland i am finally feeling pretty settled. i have a wonderful girlfriend, a wonderful apartment, and i’m starting to build a friend group. bonus, i finally have people with whom i can hang out at a cafe and read, make dinner or bake. it’s been a long time since i’ve had friends that were more than just acquaintances and it feels really nice. that said, i could always use more friends, so if you’re in portland say hello.  

now i intend to spend the rest of the night finishing my life in france and then working on finishing a dance with dragons, which will knock off two books on my extensive list of halfway finished books. 

Room for rent in Portland

Anyone need an apartment in Portland? I will probably have a room in my apartment opening up in the next month or two.

Here’s some quick details:
I have a LARGE 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment in northeast Portland on a very popular street, within walking distance of shops/restaurants/coffee/pie/booze (if you’re seriously interested I can give you the exact location after some chatting).

You would have your own fairly large room (fits a queen bed w/plenty of room for a chair, dresser, bookcase, etc.) and share the bathroom. The rest of the apartment is pretty much furnished but you’re welcome to add your stuff if you have it. Don’t have a ton of excess stuff? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

The total rent is $1,125/month + utilities.

Your half is $562/month + utilities. This is a good deal for a 2 bed in Portland and with only one roommate.

I’m looking for someone who is:<br/>
Someone with a stable job - professional or food service - doesn’t matter
Good credit/rental history. You would be taking over the lease and need to be vetted by the apt. Management company so this is a MUST.
Someone already in Portland - no sight unseen.
Queer friendly.

If you’re interested, message me for more details.

Finally wrapped up my ridiculously stressful Christmas shopping tonight with the quickest trip to sur la table ever. Now I feel like I can finally sit back and enjoy a low-key, relaxing Christmas with my parents.

Last night I went to an early Christmas get together with Deirdre and her family. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming and since I also spent thanksgiving with them I pretty much had met everyone already. My family never does big get togethers as most of my extended family doesn’t live in Oregon and the ones that do we don’t get along with. Thus, big family things have never been something I’ve experienced, or enjoyed (in the handful I have been to). Between thanksgiving and Christmas, I am having so many warm, fuzzy feelings about being welcomed into a family that couldn’t be more sweet or welcoming to me - especially as a queer person. Honestly it’s kind of helping me understand that family can be important, which is something I never really got before.

Also I spent most of the night playing with an 11 month old baby and a kitten, so really, what more could I ask for?

good lord, the way you look at me when you think that i’m not paying attention (but really i can see you out of the corner of my eye) makes my heart feel like it’s going to burst into a million pieces (in a good way).

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