our existence has serious side effects

there’s nothing better than drinking a 40 of tecate in the shower with your girlfriend after she just returned from an 11 day trip. actually nothing better. also shower beer should be a thing always.

so as i mentioned in my last post, i’m seriously considering going back to grad school next year for teaching social studies at the middle or high school level. there’s obviously a number of serious considerations i need to make before going through with this, but a major one is how to be queer and be a teacher. 

here’s my situation as of right now: i’m from and am currently living in portland, oregon. it’s known for being a liberal city and gay marriage was just legalized in the state. i’m planning on doing a MAT program in the city and will likely be student teaching in the city as well. that said, urban /= liberal. i’ve worked with kids before and fielded questions such as “are you a boy or a girl?” fairly regularly and am preparing myself for more involved situations/conversations when actually working in a school. i’m also accepting that i might get a job teaching in the city in a dream world, but it’s likely that i’d have to cast a wider net to suburbia or small towns. 

basically what i’m looking for is anyone with experience being a queer teacher (either in urban, suburban or rural communities), how you’re dealing with it and any helpful resources on being a queer teacher or queering education. 

things i have read so far in 2014 

my life in france by julia child

the english patient by michael ondaatje 

calling dr. laura by nicole georges

a dance with dragons by george rr martin 

rubyfruit jungle by rita mae brown 

the informers by bret easton ellis 

the fortress of solitude by jonathan lethem

midnight in the garden of good and evil by john berendt

fun home by alison bechdel

sister outsider by audre lorde

zami by audre lorde

just kids by patti smith 

the color purple by alice walker 

the yonalassee riding camp for girls by anton disclafani 

fried green tomatoes by fannie flagg

the essential dykes to watch out for by alison bechdel

beloved by toni morrison (in progress)

IF ANYONE HAS ANY AWESOME BOOK SUGGESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW! …i am running out of books to steal from deirdre’s house. any recommendations for queer lit (fiction or non fiction) is especially welcome. 

random life update

things are pretty much great. it’s summer in Portland which means a lot of boozing outside on beaches, bluffs and patios. I am reading all the books (srsly all of them). I don’t think I’ve read so many books so fast since high school and I will probably compile a list of what I’ve read once I look at my book shelf (I cant remember all of it). right now I’m splitting my attention between beloved by Toni Morrison and the compilation of the Dykes to Watch out for comics by Alison Bechdel.

One important thing has happened over the past six months I guess. Since moving back to Portland and meeting people and finding and building a community that I never had in Seattle (and never had in California or Massachusetts or high school in Portland…or ever…) I’m really starting to feel a part of an awesome queer community and discovering what that means and my place in it and exploring my own queer identity. I’ve also been trying to make up for lost time and have been reading all the queer lit ever. Srsly though, I can’t express enough how great it feels to be surrounded by other queers (and not just gay boys) for the first time ever. I never thought it would be important or actually mean anything to me until I experienced it.

In addition to queer things,Parker & West, the vintage biz I started with my mom is going fabulously. we’re going strong on etsy and doing even better at our shop space in Portland. please take a sec to like our etsy page and support a queer lady (and her awesome mother) in the vintage/design scene. our shop is at etsy.com/shop/parkerandwest

Third life update - I’m trying to make going to grad school a thing and am hoping to apply for a masters in teaching for middle school/ high school social studies at Lewis and Clark next June. Sooo wish me luck in that endeavor.