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Sources Say Adams Not Running For Mayor

oh hallelujah!

maybe now portland will get a mayor who cares more about people and social services than bikes and bike paths. and who will maybe spend some money on improving portland’s abysmal public schools and the horrific drop out rate, instead of spending money on trying to make portland the amsterdam of the united states. 

and maybe we’ll get a mayor who will spend some money to actually pave roads and put in side walks (my mom lives on one of those roads in east portland - it’s paved but there are no sidewalks and it is surrounded by dirt and gravel streets), rather than rip up perfectly good roads (that actually are paved!) to make them better for bikers.

i understand that no one is perfect and we’ll never get everything we want. but practically everything sam adams has done while mayor has been a complete joke. i understand that people who visit portland and who just moved there think it’s fantastic and love the “bikes! bikes! bikes! foodcarts!” attitude - but try growing up there with awful schools that don’t even have janitors or try getting around on one of the multitudes of unpaved roads (which aren’t exactly great for road bikes, either) and the city tells a very different story. 

City of Portland wins trans-inclusive health care!



This is huge. Portland is now the third municipality in the country to provide trans-inclusive care to their employees, and Oregon is a clear leader in the national effort to end insurance discrimination against transgender communities.

I’m so happy that Sam Adams is doing something right with his idiotic ass. At least one of our communities is being served and treated equally while the other ones, including people of color, are constantly being pushed out, overlooked, and ignored in a city that screams “diversity” and remains 78% white. Three cheers for trans*-inclusive health care! Three cheers for Portland figuring shit out on the queer front! Three prayers for the people of color in this city…

it’s so good to actually read good news in my dash. 

i read the mercury’s coverage of the city council meeting about this awhile ago. i’m also glad it passed. re: the second person who commented, i’m also glad sam adams is doing something halfway decent in the city. now how about low income housing, increased shelters and other social services? oh and paving all those roads out in east portland would be nice, too. 

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20-minute neighborhoods


Fast Company interview with  Portland mayor Sam Adams, on working to make every section of Portland a complete 20-minute neighborhood to strengthen the local economy.

i wish everyone who doesn’t live in portland that raves about sam adams knew what a truly awful mayor he actually is.