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Is 'The Bay' An Island? How Fetishizing the Bay Area Hurts Our Movements and Communities

there’s a lot of things in this article that i can’t relate to - being considered a “radical queer,” for example. but there are plenty of things in here that do strike a chord with me. 

although not the bay area, the overall main points of this post reminds me a lot of how i feel about portland these days. my dad moved to oregon from colorado for college and my mom moved out there during high school. i was born there, grew up there and have many amazing memories there. but sometimes when i go home, or even read things on tumblr about the city and state, i feel like a stranger in my own home. i feel like people fetishize portland the same way this post talks about people doing that to the bay area (which i know damn well that they do, after living in norcal for 2 years). not to say that portland isn’t great, but i feel like for so many people it’s this mythical place. and almost everyone is just arriving from somewhere else. 

just replace “The Bay” with portland and this is a good picture of portland right now:

When did you arrive?

Where are you from?

How long have you been in The Bay?

Oh, your family is in town visiting?

Where did you live before The Bay?

How long do you think you’ll stay?

i’m not at home enough anymore to really get involved with the gay community there, but from what i’ve heard it sounds a lot like the white, “radical queer” community in the bay area - exclusive. i feel like if i were to be at home for an extended amount of time (and i know zero gay people in portland) i would feel like i very much didn’t have access to the community. hence, being a stranger in my own city that has been overrun by liberal arts grads or dropouts from massachusetts to san francisco and everywhere in between.