our existence has serious side effects

so all day i’ve felt ridiculously good. better than i should feel on a monday with less than a month of school left and several yet-to-be-started papers and projects looming. i can pretty much attribute all of this to my outfit today, which, as silly as it is made me feel damn good. 

here’s what i wore (see picture in my previous post to see some of these things):

shoes: sperry topsiders

chinos: j. crew waverly chinos

oxford: abercrombie and fitch (it’s about 8 years old and still going)

blazer: j.crew 

bow tie: ever lane

everyone kept asking me why i was dressed up, because the presumption is that no one dresses up ever without a purpose. alas i (unfortunately) did not have a job interview so i told everyone the truth: that it was a monday and i wasn’t really feeling that so i decided to dress up to make myself feel better. and it totally worked. i think dressing up is my new cure for shitty and generally blah days. it definitely beats throwing on a pair of sweats which, albeit cozy, usually make me feel gross and like i don’t want anyone to see me, whereas today i wanted everyone to see me. 

on a side not, not only did i feel awesome for looking great, i felt awesome for looking great in menswear and queering my style (not that i don’t do that every day) in an obvious way that made people take notice.